Live a Life Designed by Your Desires
The Orgasmic Manifesting™ System
8-week online course that will teach you a step-by-step process to manifest anything you desire - wealth, health, love, your dream home or even just peace of mind.
Step-By-Step & Easy To Follow
This system has been created for you to follow along and learn, enabling you to easily get started straight away and manifest your desires FAST.
In-Depth Video Lessons
Every video is focused and to-the-point where Laurie-Anne I share everything  I've learned as a coach, energy healer, extended orgasm practitioner and master manifester.
Live Energy Healing and Q&A Calls
Accelerate your results by clearing energetic and subconscious blocks on our live or recorded healing calls. Eliminate worry, self-sabotage and resistance to your desires manifesting.
70% Discount and LIFETIME Access! (FOR A LIMITED TIME)
For those who want to manifest anything they desire - health, wealth, love, happiness, relationship, dream home, more opportunities or even just peace of mind.
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What is the Orgasmic Manifesting™ System? 
"8 Weeks to Manifest Anything You Want"
The Orgasmic Manifesting System™ is a proven and tested 8 week online training program that teaches you exactly how to use your sexual energy to manifest anything you want.
The information is available in an online training platform and provided via videos, audio guides and PDF's.

You can complete the training in your own time from anywhere in the world.

Supported by live Q&A calls and group energy healings, this is not your typical "course".

This is a proven healing and training program where you follow steps to consistently build your manifesting power and clear blocks over the next 8 weeks.

It doesn't matter if you have not had an orgasm in years or are not fully clear on what you even want to manifest, everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.
Here's what you'll learn inside:
Orgasmic Manifesting System™ is broken down into 8 Core Training Modules
All course materials, including streaming videos, audio guides, workbooks, and more are within our online student portal so that you can learn at your own pace and from anywhere.
Module 0: Vibration Raising Rituals
In this module you will learn daily practices that raise your vibration and improve your ability to manifest using all 6 Modes of Manifesting.
  • How to align your energy to your desires so that you can manifest with ease
  •  A simple daily practice to erase limiting beliefs, self sabotage and resistance
  •  How to easily set intentions for everything you do so that you are constantly telling the  universe what it is that you DO want and stop manifesting things you DON’T want
  •  How to recognize and celebrate how abundant you already are in order to attract even more abundance to you
  •  How to track and measure your manifesting so you can actually see the progress you are making as you improve your manifesting skills
        Module 1: Build Your Sexual Energy
        Your sexual energy is your manifesting energy. In this module, you'll learn hands on physical practices that increase your manifesting power by building your sexual energy. 
        • Reclaim your body and heal issues of body shame & insecurity so that your body becomes a vibrant and magnetic manifesting vessel
        •  Get to know your female body more intimately and lay the ground work for learning how to have an Extended Orgasm
        •  Heal the Female Psychological Sexual Split so that it becomes easier to feel turned on and connect to your sexual energy
        •  Increase the flow of sexual energy available for yourself and for manifesting
        •  Learn 3 different methods of building sexual energy that are quick and easy to do
        Module 2: Extended Orgasm Practice
        Now, we add rocket fuel! You will learn how to have an Extended Orgasm and use it to turbocharge your sexual energy and manifesting power. 
        • Now, we add rocket fuel! You will learn how to have an Extended Orgasm and use it to turbocharge your sexual energy and manifesting power.
        •  Learn (awesome) things about your body that most women never discover
        •  Discover the most sensitive spot on your body and how to stimulate it to experience Extended Orgasm
        •  Be guided step by step of exactly where & how to touch in order to experience an Extended Orgasm
        •  Rapidly build your manifesting power by increasing your ability to hold sexual energy
        •  Use high vibrational Orgasmic Energy to manifest your desires and align your energy
        Module 3: Money Manifesting 101
        In this module you will learn how manifesting REALLY works and what you need to do to manifest those BIG goals (including how to manifest more income).
        •  Learn Energetic Manifesting Principles and how to use them to your advantage so that you are working WITH them and not AGAINST them 
        • Learn how to set a Powerful Manifesting Goal that actually comes true 
        • How to distinguish between “Ego” Desires and “Divine” Desires so that you are manifesting what your soul TRULY wants
        •  Discover and clear out any limiting beliefs you have blocking your manifesting goal
        •  Raise your energetic money ceiling so that you are not stuck with your current earnings
        Module 4: Your Manifesting Map
         In this module you will create your very own personalized road map so that you are giving the Universe crystal clear direction.
        •   Complete a detailed assessment of how your current environment, relationships and choices are impacting your resting vibration and ability to manifest
        •  Follow a guided exercise to Design your Dream Life across all major areas of life so that the Universe knows exactly what you want 
        •  Create a vision board (and turbocharge it with sexual energy) so that your subconscious mind can manifest for you
        • By the end of this module, you will know exactly where you are at, where you want to go, and how to leverage your manifesting abilities to help get you there 
        Module 5: Make Space for the New
        One of the fastest ways to manifest is to clear out anything that is no longer serving you. In this module you will make space in your life for your desires to come rolling in!
        • Declutter your physical environment to clear stagnant energy and make room for new manifestations 
        •  Follow my process to declutter your digital environment (phone, computer, etc.) to close energetic loops that are leaking your energy
        •  Release yourself from people, groups, obligations and places that are draining your energy and having a negative impact on your ability to manifest
        •  Learn how to clean up your language so that you stop talking about what you DON’T want and start speaking into existence what you DO want
        Module 6: Find the Orgasm in Everything
        This module is all about Emotional Mastery. Learn how to manage your mood so that you can live in an Orgasmic State. 
        • Learn what to do when you are triggered and emotionally charged so that you don’t get stuck in bad feelings and tank your manifestation 
        •  Push the edges of “How Good Can You Feel?” by learning how to give yourself permission to just feel good
        •  Learn how to monitor and manage your energy and attention so that you stop focusing on things that don’t matter (and make you feel bad) and start focusing on things that do matter (and make you feel good!)
        •  Learn what to do when you are triggered and emotionally charged so that you don’t get stuck in bad feelings and tank your manifestation
        •  Learn  how to rapidly change your mindset and attitude about anything you are suffering about
        Module 7: Intuitive Action
         In this module you will gain deeper connection to your intuition so that you are always taking the next right action to move you closer to your goals.
        • Learn the different types of intuitive sensing and which ones you are strongest in 
        •  Learn how to hear your internal guidance and even more importantly how to trust it
        •  Learn to live in a state of trust and to follow the divine timing rather than being frantic or forceful about your goals
        •  Accelerate your manifesting by taking inspired action with guidance that comes from your intuition and naturally leads you to your goals
        •  Live life in the flow and manifest with ease! 
        Module 8: The Art of Receiving
        Being able to manifest all of your desires isn't much good unless you are also able to RECEIVE what you have manifested. In this module, you'll learn how to increase your capacity to receive!
        • Increase your capacity to receive so that abundance naturally flows to you. 
        •  This is where a lot of women struggle. If you don’t learn this it doesn’t matter how good you become at manifesting because you won’t be able to receive or enjoy what you have manifested.
        •  Identify your patterns of self sabotage so that you can spot them in advance and no longer get sideswiped off course
        •  Prioritize self care and identify what self care practices are “non-negotiables” for you so that you can always stay centered
        •  Learn the difference between “guessers” and “askers” and how to ask for what you want and need in a way that inspires others to deliver
        Beyond the 8 training modules, the Orgasmic Manifesting™ System also includes other critical components to give you the support you need to excel in this program. 
        Also Included with the Orgasmic Manifesting System: 
        Live Group Q&A Calls
        I know that it takes more than just information for most people to create sustainable change. 

        Get your questions answered live so that you never feel alone, discouraged or stuck as you move through the course. 

        During the course you will join the live calls every other week. If you're not able to make it live, no sweat - you can catch the recording when you're ready. 
        Live Group Energy Healing
        Using multiple energy healing modalities (including VortexHealing™ and Biofield Immersion™ Healing), I will work on your energy system to clear any energetic blocks to manifesting your desires.

        Working on the energetic level accelerates your results, deepens your healings and clears patterns that have held you stuck for years. 

        Students love receiving these healings and often say the healings alone are worth the price of this program.  
        Community Forum
         Connect with other courageous women all around the world who are creating the lives of their dreams to share this journey and receive support.

        With over 1,500 Orgasmic Manifesting™ students our community forum is very active and becomes a safe haven for the course participants. 

        We are Sisterhood that raises each other up! 
        1-on-1 Support Sister
         If you'd like to form a deep connection, we will pair you with a "Support Sister" to go through this journey with.

        We offer guidance on how to best interact with your Support Sister, but you can create the relationship that you want.

        Many of our students remain close friends with their Support Sister even after the course ends (we've even had Sisters decide travel to different countries to meet in real life!). 

         Note,  being paired with a Support Sister this is optional. 
        Live Q&A Calls with Laurie
        Get Your Questions Answered directly by the creator of Orgasmic Manifesting System
        Plus you’ll receive these powerful bonuses:
        Bonus #1:
        Recorded Energy Healings
        Listen to these recorded healings at your convenience.

        You can listen over and over again to further clear your energy system from any blocks to your success and each time you will receive a new healing.

        You can even listen while you do other things Yay! multi-tasking!
        Bonus #2:
        Extended Orgasm Partner Training
        Have a partner to play with? 

        In this bonus mini course, we'll teach you step by step how to have an Extended Orgasm with a partner. 

         Getting in on the manifesting fun as a duo is a blast!

        No worries if you don't have a partner right now, all of the practices in the Orgasmic Manifesting System are designed to be done solo. 
        By the end of the program, you’ll have a system of repeatable – and pleasurable – practices and tools to effectively manifest your deepest desires with ease.
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        ***  Pay in Full Bonus Only ***
         Bonus Course: Claim Your Queendom
        Get My 6 Module Video Course "Claim Your Queendom" for FREE, When You purchase 
         The Orgasmic Manifesting™ System in 1 Full Payment
        Claim Your Queendom is an online video course with over 6 hours of training and exercises about how to become a Queen in your romantic relationship.

        Our primary relationship has an enormous impact on our happiness and well being and thus on our ability to manifest.
        The Claim Your Queendom course will help you to:
        Design your Dream Relationship
        • Get crystal clear on the relationship of your dreams and what is preventing you from having that right now
        •  Free yourself from judgments that limit your experience of joy
        Quit Over Thinking Now!
        • Quiet your overactive mind 
        •  Discover and detect the 3 distinct voices we hear in our head and know which one to listen to at what time
        Use Masculine & Feminine Energy
        • Understand the differences between masculine and feminine energy and how to use it to heal your romantic life 
        • How to restore and maintain balance in the energetic polarity of your relationship
        Master Male / Female Communication
        • Learn the differences in Male & Female communication patterns so that you can communicate harmoniously
        •  Explains the “I don’t want you to fix it - I just want you to listen” phenomenon
        Know, ask for, and get what you want
        • Learn the secrets to asking for and actually receiving what you want from men
        •  Learn how to inspire men to their greatest potential
        Radical Self Care
        • Understand your values and your “dark” values 
        •  Get total permission to follow your joy
          The Original Price for Claim Your Queendom is $497, but it is FREE For New Orgasmic Manifesting™ System Members Who Pay in FULL (One Payment of $597)
          Note: Pay in Full Bonus is only for people who pay in full when purchasing the Orgasmic Manifesting™ System
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